Save The Date – Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 – Start of Karate New Training Year 2022-2023

As we will end Summer training soon (on Wednesday, August 17th, 2022), we are pleased to announce that our training will continue in a new academic year 2022-2023 at Earl Bales CC as last year, starting from Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.

We will get back to a more usual schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Kinder Karate (4 to 6 years old): 5.45 pm – 6.25 pm

Kids Karate (7 to 12 years old): 6.30 pm – 7.35 pm

Youth and Adults (13+): 7.35 pm – 8.55 pm

Monday and Wednesday at Room #1 and Friday at Room #2.

Please note that we will get back to mandatory full Karate uniform.

Summer (July – August) Schedule and other changes

As usual during Summer months of July and August only we will have different schedule:

Monday and Wednesday (will be no Fridays during Summer):

Kinder Karate (4 to 6 years old): 5.40 pm – 6.20 pm

Kids Karate (7 to 12 years old): 6.25 pm – 7.35 pm

Youth and Adults (13+): 7.35 pm – 8.55 pm

In terms of membership fees, that period July and August will be considered as one month, with one month membership fee which will cover all that period of July and August.

Karate training will continue until Wednesday, August 17, 2022. And from August 17 we will be on vacation and will resume training same time as school starts after Labour Day (separate communication will be sent in August about resuming the training).

During Summer training, students can use the Summer variation of uniform: Karate uniform pants, T-shirt and rank belt.

Resuming In Person Training on Monday, January 31st

We got an update from City of Toronto, they allowed us to resume our in person training at Earl Bales CC starting from Monday January 31st. We will have same schedule as before. Please keep in mind we will follow same COVID protocols as before. There is only one change so far, staff at Earl Bales will require QR code to scan to prove vaccination status for every person 12+. Hope to see you all on Monday January 31st for training.

Online Zoom Training starting from Friday, January 7, 2022

Per province of Ontario ruling, as their response to Covid-19 hospitalization rates surging, all indoors classes were not allowed. That ruling will be in place for at least 21 days (until January 26, 2022).

Starting from Friday, January 7, 2022 and until we will be allowed by City of Toronto to get back indoors, we will switch to online Zoom classes.

Those online Zoom classes will be on the same days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for kids (4-12 years old) from 7 pm till 7.45 pm, for youth and adults (13+) from 7.50 pm till 8.50 pm.

Rank testing will be postponed to a later date, it will be pending on the resume of in person training. All previously announced Winter additional training on Tuesday January 11 and January 18 will be canceled.

Any prospective student who wants to join our program during this period of time, please contact us for Zoom link and other information.