York Centre Karate is an not-for-profit organization founded in August of 2015.

The main goal to create that organization was to provide for York Centre (federal electoral ride in Toronto (North York)) residents possibility to practice Traditional Okinawan Karatedo and Kobudo along with Sport Karate and physical activities in general.

The core of the group was based on former Welcome House members and practitioners: adults, kids and youths. The group was formed to support former Welcome House Chief Instructor Oleg Raileanu, who actively disagree with Welcome House approach and model in organizing and practicing Traditional Karatedo.

Oleg Raileanu is currently York Centre Karate Chief Instructor and President.

York Centre Karate is proud member of Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Suiken Bugeikai (through SHORINRYU MATSUMURA SEITO SUIKEN HOKKOKAN (Toronto Suiken Bugeikai)) an organization which preserve Okinawan Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Karatedo Kobudo. Through our affiliation to Suiken Bugeikai our members have access to finest resources available on that style in the world. We hope that we will be able to keep flame of Traditional Okinawan Karatedo alive.

York Centre Karate is also member of Karate Ontario (Ontario Karate Federation) (only Provincial Sport Organization in charge with Sport of Karate in Ontario and recognized by provincial government), and through that affiliation we give opportunity to our members to compete within that organization and if they will desire that to get involved in Sport Karate practice.

From Jan 2016 we created a very successful Intensive Fitness for Kids pilot program which was designed to improve kids health based on strength and conditioning Olympic programs. Program is lead by a very experienced coach Edmound Atanelli –  former athletics champion and judge.

York Centre Karate is collaborating now with Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation to provide Kids and Youth programs at Herbert H Carnegie Centennial Centre (Arena) – 580 Finch Ave West – Silver Blade Room and Skaters Lounge and Earl Bales Community Centre – 4169 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3P7 Rooms #1 and 2.

This school year we will have 3 programs:

  1. Karate for Kids, Youths and Families (4-6, 7-12 and 13+ years old) three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre and 2 times per week (Tuesday and Thursday) ar Earl Bales CC.
  2. Intensive Fitness for Kids, Youths and Families (8-12 and 13+ years old) twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30 pm), at Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre and one time per week (Friday) at Earl Bales CC.
  3. FitKarate for Fun (4-6, 7-12 years old) – twice a week (Monday and Wednesday from 6pm) at Earl Bales CC.

Thank you very much to Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation for collaboration and for opportunity to provide our program to York Centre residents!

We have also other plans for next school year 2023-2024 please check our website regularly for updates

York Centre Karate invites anyone who wants to practice Traditional Okinawan Karatedo Kobudo, Sport Karate and Intensive Fitness with us.

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