2022 Anthony Paul Ragoobir Budo Excellence Award

Today, York Centre Karate decided to award our the highest recognition award, Anthony Paul Ragoobir Budo Excellence Award. This year, Sensei Aleksandar Mihajlovic was recognized with this award for his outstanding effort in preserving true BUDO spirit. Congratulations Sensei Aleksandar Mihajlovic! Note: Shihan Anthony Paul Ragoobir was a disabled Karate practitioner who despite his disability was practising full power with full commitment, showing an exceptional dedication to Karate, and showing true spirit of BUDO. He was a big friend of York Centre Karate who supported us both in person and also through showing example to our students.


2 thoughts on “2022 Anthony Paul Ragoobir Budo Excellence Award

  1. Thank you for that in awarding my brother this award. My brother Anthony has been deceased for 5 years now and I miss him terribly.


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