York Centre Karate Friendship Tournament – Sunday March 5, 2017 – Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre


York Centre Karate is proud to announce  that our annual Friendship Tournament will take place in 2017 on Sunday March 5, 2017.

The place of tournament will be the same as usual – Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre – Silver Blade Room (2-nd floor) – 580 Finch Ave West.

York Centre Karate promotes with this event Traditional Karatedo  and in this connection we will have only one type of competition FUKU-GO (alternate individual Kata and Kumite):
Fuku-Go is a combination of Kumite and Kata which will allow each competitor to show a deep understanding of both Kata and Kumite as required in Traditional Karatedo, to allow cultivation of BUDO spirit while competing (In FUKU-GO it is almost impossible to win a medal if you are good only on one aspect (Kata or Kumite), to win you have to be good enough in both). York Centre Karate embraces that philosophy.

However we will use adapted WKF rules for both Kata and Kumite bouts.

York Centre Karate Friendship Tournament is Karate Community Event for non-elite recreational athletes (Recreational Dojo Tournament). That event has the intention to give opportunity for recreational athletes to experience a high quality competition experience without actual tournament pressure and stress.

For all the details please download tournament package on the link below:


If you will need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

P.S. Sanctioned by PSO – Ontario Karate Federation onkarate.ca  from Feb 17, 2017


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