Programs Announcement for new 2016-2017 school year

York Centre Karate is pleased to announce our programs for new school year of 2016-2017.

We have a very good news from our partner Toronto Suiken Bugeikai. They open specialized training space for Karate only. You the one who love Traditional and Sport Karate will have an unique opportunity to join that location. We secure with them a very good deal for all our students who practiced Karate last year (for details about that arrangement please contact us or Toronto Suiken Bugeikai). We strongly encourage our last year Karate students to join this new location. For our last year students was reserved Kids Karate: Advanced on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6.30 pm till 7.45 pm (yes it is 3 times per week).  For all details about new Karate Family Centre from Toronto Suiken Bugeikai please visit their website (Note: their website do not contain details about our deal with Toronto Suiken Bugeikai).

This year we decided to increase our Intensive Fitness for Kids program. That program will be led as last year by Edmound Atanelli. Presumably the program will take place twice a week Tuesday and Thursday from 6.00 pm. Program will start in September. Until weather will be warm training sessions will take place in G. Ross Lord Park. After renovation will end  (estimated in the middle of October) our training will take place at Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre –  580 Finch Ave West – Silver Blade Room. Enrollment will be by 2 months cycle and price will be 60 CAD/monthly.

We strongly encourage you to join new Karate location. For those who will not have that possibility (we recommend you to make that effort for sake of your Karate development) or other reasons, we will open once a week program – Recreational Karate for Kids program which will start after Herbert H. Carnegie Centre will finish renovation (mid October). Program will be on Fridays from 5.00 pm till 6.10 pm at Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre –  580 Finch Ave West. Enrollment will be by 2 months cycle and price will be 30 CAD/monthly.

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