Start of Training in 2022 and other Announcements

We will resume our training in 2022 on Monday, January 10, 2022 with the same schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

As well, our Kinder and Kids groups will have 2 additional training sessions in line with Japanese Kangeiko training (thought that we will do it inside). Those trainings will be on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 and Tuesday, January 18, 2022 on the same schedule, but in Room 3 (Kinder 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids 6.45 pm – 7.45 pm).

Our first Rank Testing this season will take place on Friday, January 21, 2022 from 6 pm to 8 pm (both Kinder and Kids groups together). Additional details will be shared later.

2021 Anthony Paul Ragoobir Budo Excellence Award

Today, York Centre Karate decided to award our the highest recognition award, Anthony Paul Ragoobir Budo Excellence Award. This year, Sensei Larry Lyman and Sensei Walter Young were recognized with this award for their outstanding effort in preserving true BUDO spirit. We hope to continue that tradition, which was paused due to the pandemic. Congratulations Sensei Larry Lyman and Sensei Walter Young! Note: Shihan Anthony Paul Ragoobir was a disabled Karate practitioner who despite his disability was practising full power with full commitment, showing an exceptional dedication to Karate, and showing true spirit of BUDO. He was a big friend of York Centre Karate who supported us both in person and also through showing example to our students.

Karate program resumes next week at Earl Bales Community Centre

We are glad to announce that we are resuming our Karate training indoor. Our regular location, Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre, will go under construction for major renovation until Spring of 2022. In the meantime, our training will continue at Earl Bales Community Centre – 4169 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3P7

Due to the upcoming Federal election, we will have a special schedule for the first three weeks in the month of September:

Tuesday, September 7Room 3 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, no youth/adults class,

Thursday, September 9 – Room 3 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, no youth/adults class,

Tuesday, September 14, – Room 3 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, no youth/adults class,

Wednesday, September 15 – Room 1 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, Youth/adults (13+) 7.50 pm – 9 pm,

Friday, September 17 – Room 1 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, Youth/adults (13+) 7.50 pm – 9 pm,

Tuesday, September 21 – Room 3 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, no youth/adults class,

Wednesday, September 22 – Room 1 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, Youth/adults (13+) 7.50 pm – 9 pm,

Friday, September 24 – Room 1 – Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, Youth/adults (13+) 7.50 pm – 9 pm.

Starting from Monday, September 27 we will go into our regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule in Room 1 all groups and times: Kinder Karate (4-6 years old) 6 pm – 6.40 pm, Kids Karate (7-12 years old) 6. 45 pm – 7.45 pm, Youth/adults (13+) 7.50 pm – 9 pm.

We will observe same Covid-19 protocols as before, with only exception that masks will not be required during training if the distance between students will be maintained at 2 meters. In all other cases, when work in pairs or go to washroom or come and go to from class, mask will be mandatory on.

Start of Kids outside training from Monday June 14, 2021

Starting from Monday June 14, 2021 we are switching our Kids training to outside one, as per government allowance. Training sessions will start at 6.30 pm and will go until 7.20 pm approximate. Location will be on site of Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre (Arena) our main location – 580 Finch Ave West – On the right side from Centre closer to Library. Before start of training parents will have to submit COVID-19 declaration online as we did in the Fall –

Uniform must be Summer one (t-shirt and uniform pants or shorts), with shoes, please bring a sunhat, bottle of water and face towel.

Students should have and wear a mask when they arrive (as well as accompanying parents) and should have in the bag a pair of gloves (if you have Karate one, if not vinyl or rubber disposable one). If you have a yoga or sport mat, please bring it with you too.

Students should comply with all COVID rules, keep 3m distance etc.

I should also remind you that starting from July we will have a reduced schedule (only Monday and Wednesday) and Summer training will end on Wednesday August 18 (July and August is considered as one month). Hope to see you in person soon.

Our training sessions continue on Zoom online

As City of Toronto along with all Ontario province are in stay at home order, we are continuing our online Zoom training: Monday, Wednesday and Friday Kids from 7.35 pm till 8.15 pm, Youth and Adults 8.20 pm till 9.10 pm.

That will continue until at least will become worm and city of Toronto will allow outdoor training, not expected before middle of May.

Due to recent lockdown in City of Toronto, our training sessions back online

As per Friday announcement, our access to facility was already 3rd time this year forbade.

Our training sessions will get on Zoom.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Kids: 7.35 pm till 8.15 pm

Youth and Adults: 8.20 pm till 9.00 pm (9.10 pm).

Hopefully that will end after December 20, 2020 (as current order is set until that time).

Anyone interested please contact me about details of Zoom session.

Karate practice is back on site starting from Friday October 16, 2020

Sport of Karate classes are back on premises for individual training only, without any fitness component (strictly Karate training ) in according with previous schedule

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Herbert H. Carnegie Centennial Centre (Arena). 1. 4 to 6 years old 5.45 pm – 6.20 pm; 2. 7 to 12 years old 6.35 pm – 7.35 pm; 3. 13 and up 7.50 pm – 9.10 pm. 

Mandatory COVID-19 practice will be enforced, as well masks, maintaining distance and frequent disinfection and sanitizing will be mandatory.

High Performance Sport of Karate training will be continued on Thursdays at Earl Bales Community Centre

IMPORTANT: Mandatory COVID-19 practice from October 5th, 2020

Contactless Registration and Payments

For REGISTRATION: Using a computer, you can now go to  and download one of appropriate packages:

kids or


Print, fill out and sign at home; you can scan and send them to us by email to or bring it in person before start of training. Thus, minimizing physical contact.

Preferred method of remote PAYMENT will be eTransfer to (please keep in mind payment must be completed before first training session of each month).

Other way of remote payment is Paypal  or you can make a transfer on Paypal to

Limited groups

At this time our groups will be limited to 8 (maximum 9) students and 1 instructor.

When to Stay Home

If you or someone in your home have signs/symptoms of illness of any kind such as fever, cough, headaches, loss of smell, etc… Please stay at home and contact your CoVid-19 Assessment Centre. 

Your household must be free of illness for 14 days before you can enter the dojo. 

Before coming to class

Before coming to class, from computer or mobile device please conduct assessment through online form

Or you can download, print, fill out, sign and bring to training session paper form from

At arrival we will take temperature (if possible) and will take contact information from all persons entering dojo for tracing.

Arrive in Your Uniform

Access to changing rooms is closed until Ontario’s “State of Emergency” has been lifted.

Please arrive in your uniform and be ready to start class on time. There is a 5 minutes window before class when you won’t be crossing paths with the students of the prior class.  Please bring your own water bottle filled with water.

Use of non marking shoes or other feet covering like dancing shoes, water socks etc is mandatory.

Staggered Class Arrival and Exit

Arrive 5 minutes before the start of class. At the end of class athletes and parents must leave the dojo with 5 minutes after bowing out. This procedure helps to prevent crossing each other on the staircase. 

Physical Distancing

At any time, any person inside dojo must maintain 6 feet or 2 meters distance. As per guidelines of our public health and Karate Canada, we designated training pods (shown by cones on all 4 corners) to accommodate individuals and families. Each pod of 2 square meters or more is further separated by another 2 meters for instructors.

No spectators allowed in the class, except for adult who is accompanying minor for training. However, that person will not be able to stay in the same room as training session is taking place  and will have to keep physical distance and facemask all the time.

No socializing allowed before, during or after training sessions, neither for instructors, students nor accompanying persons.

Face Masks and Facial Coverings and other guidelines

For the health of our community, York Centre Karate will comply with our local mask and face covering by-laws and will continue to adapt as we learn more about CoVid-19.

  1. All persons inside premises (that include entrance, exit, stairs etc) must wear mask
  2. Only students can take their mask off inside their pod and only if they have medical condition and only during training . Please bring a bag to keep your mask inside during training. If you leave your pod you must wear mask again, for example to go to washroom.
  3. We encourage you to use provided sanitizer after removing mask and try do not touch face as much as possible.
  4. Equipment cannot be shared between students unless it was sanitized between each use.

Sanitizing the Dojo

Before the start of classes each day, we will try to clean as much as possible.

Between classes, the door handles and equipment will be sprayed and/or wiped down with a disinfectant.

After classes, the dojo will be cleaned.

Online Karate Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays

You can now participate remotely at home or on vacation by taking advantage of option of online Zoom viewing of our scheduled classes. Classes will be available only on Monday and Wednesday.

To be able to connect to Zoom session you will have to request Zoom session link and password (password will be changed every month). Also you must confirm your connection to Zoom session at least 5 minutes before start of class, otherwise if no requests available, Zoom session will not be started.